Prefabricated Substations installation has begun at the Kekura goldfield

25 March 2022

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Our engineers will carry out construction installation, and commissioning of PS for Basic Metals JSC, which is part of the Highland Gold Mining Limited holding.

The development of the large Kekura goldfield, which is located on the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, is one of the promising projects in the Far East. The approved gold mining at Kekur are 62.1 tons, while the design capacity of the gold mining plant for processing ore will be 800 thousand tons per year, which will provide 800 new work places. The goldfield development will increase gold production in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug by 6 tons per year and this will increase the gross regional product (GRP) by 55.6 billion rubles and about 3 billion rubles in tax revenues until 2027.

For the power supply of the main consumers of the gold mining plant, which provide a continuous production technological cycle at the goldfield, we have manufactured substations: indoor industrial ELM PS 6 (10)/0.4 kV (PS 1 and PS 2), ELM BPS 6 (10)/0 ,4 (BPS 4 and BPS 8) in prefabricated block-modular buildings. To ensure the operation of equipment as part of the ELM PS in difficult climatic conditions in the regions of the Far North at an altitude of over 1200 m above sea level, Electronmash specialists carried out calculations and manufactured equipment in accordance with the established requirements.

The Electronmash company executed all building and deadline agreements for the manufacture of equipment, showed a high level of technical solutions and the quality of the supplied electrical products. In the course of work at the Customer's site, we will have to perform a full range of construction and installation works, carry out commissioning of the supplied substations, and ensure the commissioning of equipment. We look forward to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in the implementation of projects for the power supply of mining and processing enterprises of the Highland Gold Mining Limited holding group of companies (Russdragmet LLC).

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