Indoor switchgear 6 (10) kV

Indoor switchgear 6 (10) kV are high prefabrication medium voltage indoor switchgear 6 (10) kV, which are successfully operated at major manufacturing area and infrastructure and energy facilities, where there are high requirements for the reliability of electricity supply.

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Main advantages


Maximum Safety


High reliability and quality of products


Modular building design capabilities


Convenient operation


Monitoring, diagnostics and control


Low total cost of ownership

01 Maximum Safety

The design, which provides a safe connection of cable and overhead lines, as well as connect the indoor switchgear to the transformers, reliable systems of mechanical and electrical interlocks, internal division of the MV switchgear into compartments and localization of the arc in a short circuit within any compartment of the cabinet will provide the highest level of safety of staff during maintenance and repair of indoor switchgear equipment.

02 High reliability and quality of products

MV Switchgear Eltema used in Indoor Switchgear has been developed taking into account the specifics of operation at power facilities located in Russia and other countries. The resulting reliability of its structural design has been proven by tests carried out by independent test centers.

The design of power units, which is specially developed with the use of high-quality components and efficiently organized production process allows to provide the customer with reliable indoor switchgear, suitable for any special requirements of the projects.

03 Modular building design capabilities

The reinforced all-welded steel structure provides 100% rigidity of the modular building modules and very easy to transport and installation of the modules on various foundations.

Doors and gates provide an opportunity personnel to mount additional equipment without dismantling modular building structural elements, because it open 120 ° in indoor switchgear.

Detailed technological design development of the product makes it possible to manufacture various forms of modular building modules, which provide the implementation of different layouts in the indoor switchgear.

04 Convenient operation

3D modeling of quipment and all additional units  provides the correct ergonomics of the Indoor Switchgear, convenient access to equipment, current transformers, busbar bridges and cable connections. Product design provides for connections of the main circuits with stabilization of thermal enlargementns that do not require maintenance during operation.
QR codes, which are located on the facades of the Indoor Switchgear equipment, provide quick access for personnel to the technical documentation for equipment and contact numbers of technical support center.

05 Monitoring, diagnostics and control

Equipment of indoor switchgear is directly integrated with APCS and remote control systems of plants, automated dispatch control systems, adaptive distribution management systems (ADMS) and other data analytics systems using the wide list of data comminication protocols including IEC 61850.

The control and monitoring system supports diagnostics and performance data transfer equipment of indoor switchgear to the maintenance and repair system to enable on-site preventive equipment maintenance. 

06 Low total cost of ownership

We leverage special prices for components by leading Russian and global manufacturers, our own machine fleet and a short production cycle to offer the best equipment price to our customers. Low maintenance frequency along with minimized costs and prolonged service life help to minimize the total cost of indoor switchgear ownership. 

Modifications of Indoor switchgear 6 (10) kV


Indoor Switchgear 10 kV located in a separate building

Indoor Switchgear 10 kV

Indoor switchgear equipment 10 kV

that is located in a block-modular building


Indoor switchgear 10 kV combined with a substation control room

Indoor switchgear 10 kV combined with a substation control room

Indoor switchgear equipment 10 kV,

located in a modular building combined with the substation control room

Delivery sites where used Indoor switchgear 6 (10) kV

Tele-mechanized 10 kV indoor switchgear of deep-input substation No. 3

All Customer's sites

North-Western Investment and Industrial Company, CJSC




North-Western Investment and Industrial Company, CJSC




A complex of electrical equipment for building a tele-mechanized 10 kV indoor switchgear, which is combined with the substation control room, an equipment monitoring and control system, a system of technological and security video surveillance, expansion of the automated process control system at the combined heat and power plant. 

General contractor for the facility, including inspection, detailed design, creating cost estimates, construction, dismantling and installation of equipment, commissioning and training of the Customer's personnel.

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