DC panel «ExOn»

DC panel «ExOn» – is a DC System «ExOnSys» line panel with a wide range of rated parameters and current of busbars up to 80 A for small facilities or facilities with decentralized DC network topology.

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Main advantages


Stable power supply to consumers


High power factor


High reliability and quality of products


Convenient operation and maintenance


Monitoring, diagnostics and control


Low total cost of ownership

01 Stable power supply to consumers

ExOn DC panel reacts instantly to any change in load, keeping the output voltage stable and the charging current accuracy of acid, alkaline or lithium-ion batteries. Special algorithms of battery cells diagnostics allow to control its condition during power supply to critical consumers, and continuous monitoring of DC busbar insulation allows to detect the occurring damage in a timely manner.

02 High power factor

The high power factor DC panel "ExOn" allows to unload the auxiliary transformers for reactive power during battery charging. Low interference emission provides electromagnetic compatibility with sensitive AC consumers, and high efficiency reduces the cost of auxiliary power supply.

03 High reliability and quality of products

The high reliability of the ExOn DC panel, which is designed taking into account the peculiarities of operation at various electric power facilities for different temperature and load conditions, is confirmed by test reports in independent test centers.
The use of high-quality DC switching devices, power electronics and an efficiently organized manufacturing process allow us to provide the Customer with reliable electrical equipment that meets any special project requirements.

04 Convenient operation and maintenance

The placement of rectifier modules on special racks in the ExOn DC Panel cabinets provides access for replacement, repair and maintenance.

An optimal set of indicating devices and a developed monitoring system allow you to quickly assess the state of the main parameters of the ExOn DC Panel. QR codes on the facades of the equipment provide quick access to the equipment technical documentation and contact numbers of technical support center.

05 Monitoring, diagnostics and control

ExOn DC panel is directly integrated with APCS and remote control systems of plants, information management systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA), adaptive distribution management systems (ADMS) and other data analytics systems using the comprehensive list of data protocols including IEC 61850. 
The control and monitoring system of DC panel provides high accuracy of maintaining current, battery charging voltage with temperature compensation, implementation of special modes of manual charging, diagnostics and equipment performance data transfer to the maintenance.

06 Low total cost of ownership

We leverage special prices for components by leading Russian and global manufacturers, our own machine fleet and a short production cycle to offer the best equipment price to our customers. Low maintenance frequency along with minimized costs and prolonged service life help to minimize the total cost of ExOn DC panel ownership.

Delivery sites where used DC panel «ExOn»

Substation "Sarutayuskaya"
35/6 kV

All Customer's sites

Lukoil Komi, LLC


Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry


Lukoil Komi, LLC




Block-type prefabricated substations ELM BPS 35/6 kV with a transformer capacity of 2x16 MVA.

Design, supply of electrical equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and as-built documentation in accordance with the approved technical requirements of the Customer.

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DC panel «ExOn» is used:

Market-Specific Solutions

20 years of working with Customers from various industries have allowed us to study industry specifics in detail and create individual solutions that fully meet the needs of this industry and the requirements of individual Customers from this industry.

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Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC

Eurasia-EnergoService CJSC

Customer's sites: equipment supply to water unit No. 3 for TANECO JSC

Equipment: Eltima MVS 6 kV, ExOn DC panel

There are no compliants on quality and scope of supply, there are no remarks on the operation of the equipment.


Жалобы и претензии отсутствуют.

Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC

Customer's sites: equipment supply to various power supply facilities since 2006

Equipment: Assol LVS with monitoring system, Eltima MVS 6(10)kV, ELM PS 160-5000 kVA, dry-type transformers with cast insulation, DC switchboards «ELM» and DC panel «ExOn», transfer cabinets, control stations with frequency drives «ELM-ACS», soft start systems.

There are no compliants on quality and scope of supply, there are no remarks on the operation of the equipment.

Eurasia-EnergoService CJSC

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