Electronmash company has supplied 11 substations of 6/0.4 kV for the needs of the fields of LUKOIL-Komi LLC

28 July 2023

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As part of the arrangement, construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province, the delivery of a 6/0.4 kV PS by forces has been completed Electronmash,  JSC.


The deposits belong to a complex oil and gas production workshop located on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous district and the Komi Republic. The area of the oil and gas province is 350 thousand square kilometers, and oil reserves amount to 350 million tons. The operator of the fields is the largest oil producing enterprise in the North-Western Federal District of Russia - Lukoil-Komi, LLC.


Electronmash company has delivered eleven complete transformer substations of kiosk, block-modular and dead-end types of full factory readiness.


As part of the delivery, block-modular PS-ELM-630/6/0.4 was also manufactured, designed for the distribution and transformation of electricity to consumers of the oil preparation and collection point KSP-74 of the Vozeysky oil field.


As part of the transformer substation, an Eltima switchgear with a voltage of 6 kV, with a rated busbar current of 630 A and a degree of protection IP41 was supplied. To supply the own needs of the block-modular building, a LVS cabinet was installed, and a DC System (ExOnSys series S) with three-level protection and taking into account the selectivity of work was used to organize the operational power supply to consumers. For data collection and transmission to the upper level is organized via the IEC 60870-101 protocol, Modbus RTU.


In addition to manufacturing and supplying a complex of equipment to the fields of the oil and gas province, Electronmash has previously successfully passed the entrance control as part of the commission on the basis of LUKOIL-Komi, and in the future will provide services for installation supervision and commissioning.


It is also worth noting the complexity of organizing the delivery of equipment to the regions of the far north, because in the summer (navigation time) ferry crossing is the only way to get to Usinsk by road.


To deliver the equipment from St. Petersburg to the city of Usinsk, we carried out the transportation of large-sized equipment by trawls and trucks across the Pechora River by ferry.


The delivery for LUKOIL-Komi LLC was carried out taking into account technical requirements and contractual obligations, within the framework of the technical re-equipment project. The long-term experience of cooperation with the enterprises of the oil industry allows Electronmash company to successfully produce and supply high-tech electrical equipment in compliance with individual industry requirements.

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