PS for Zadarya-2 SPP was put into operation in the Kazakhstan Republic

18 March 2022

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A Prefabricated Substation receiving power from string inverters at the Zadarya-2 SPP 5 MW was put into operation in the city of Arys.

The commissioning of this solar power plant (SPP) has become the next stage in the program implementation for the development of solar energy in Kazakhstan. The project involves an increase in the share of renewable energy sources (RES)  in the country's total electricity production, which, according to plans, should reach 6% by 2025. The development of renewable energy in Kazakhstan is the main indicator of the program implementation Kazakhstan international environmental initiative for the transition of countries to a green economy "Green Bridge".
All substation equipment was placed in compact, prefabricated block-modular buildings of high factory readiness, equipped with the necessary life support systems. In order to meet the Customer's requirements for minimizing the dimensions of the substation, we placed medium-voltage switchgear as part of the BPS, namely gas-insulated MVS-10kV were used in order to compactly place the equipment in the modular buildining PS. On the low voltage side, Assol LVS was installed for a rated current of 2500A and a non-standard voltage class of 0.8 kV, to organize the reception and transmission of electrical energy from string inverters with a capacity of 250 kVA. To provide a low voltage switchgear with a non-standard rated voltage, the engineers of the Electronmash company carried out special calculations and developed a technical solution to increase the interpole distance between the current-carrying parts of the Assol low-voltage switchgear. To provide suppression in the electric grid of harmonic components from string solar inverters, specialized power oil transformers were selected and installed. 
During the construction and commissioning of the Zadarya-2 solar power plant in Kazakhstan, Electronmash delivered the substation and successfully completed construction, electrical installation and commissioning works, as-built documentation in accordance with the approved technical requirements of the Customer. At this moment, the equipment is successfully operating as part of the solar power plant and allows increasing the share of RES in the total generation of Kazakhstan.

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