Completed installation of Eltima Pro MVS 4000A at PS 110/6 kV in Kazakhstan

13 May 2022

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As part of the plant "RTI" reconstruction, Electronmash JSC supplied 53 cells of Eltima Pro medium voltage switchgear (MVS) with rated busbar current 4000 A.

Karaganda plant of rubber technical products "RTI" is a unique developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of rubber products for mining, metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, processing industries and agriculture for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The average annual growth rate of the company's output is about 10.9%. About 75% of the products manufactured at the plant are exported to countries near and far abroad.

As part of the reconstruction of indoor switchgear 6kV, combined with the control room at the substation "RTI" 110/6 kV, Electronmash manufactured and supplied MV switchgear "Eltima Pro" 6kV in the amount of 53 pcs, with front and rear acsses, with a service truck integrated into each panel
and with middle arrangement of the withdeawable circuit-breaker. Thanks to a detailed design study by Electronmash engineers, the Eltima Pro MV switchgear panels are developed for a rated busbar current of 4000A, which fully complies with the special technical requirements of the project.
At the moment, with the participation of the chief engineer of the Electronmash company, the installation of the 1st section of MV switchgear cabinets in the indoor switchgear has been completed. In mid-June, the installation of the 2nd section of MV switchgear cabinets is expected, as well as a full range of equipment commissioning.

For many years, Electronmash JSC has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-tech, modern electrical equipment for enterprises of all industries in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, in full compliance with contractual obligations in terms of delivery and quality of products. 






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