Guests and participants of the international conferences visited Electronmash JSC

5 August 2022

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During the 5th annual conference "Technological development and import substitution in the fuel and energy complex” the participants visited production site of JSC "Electronmash"


 The 5th annual conference "Technological Development and Import Substitution in the Fuel and Energy Complex", which was held in St. Petersburg from July 28 to 29, has ended. The conference was organized by the National Oil and Gas Forum under the auspices of Energotechnohub Petersburg and with the support of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia, the Energy Ministry of Russia, Russian Energy Agency of the Energy Ministry of Russia and the Institute of Oil and Gas Technology Initiatives (INTI).


The conference began with a welcoming speech to the participants of the event from the First Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation Pavel Sorokin, who emphasized the need to achieve logistics throughout the entire production chain for the smooth functioning of the domestic energy sector. Throughout the conference, important, exciting topics for discussions were raised that relate to technological sovereignty and import substitution, transitions to a national industry standardization system, import substitution of intellectual property in the face of technological restrictions, cooperation between science, business and the state, development of innovative ecosystems and startups, industrial IT solutions and more.


The conference brought together speakers and representatives of the largest Russian fuel and energy companies (Gazprom PJSC, Rosatom PJSC, SIBUR LLC, LUKOIL PJSC, etc.), as well as representatives of the Ministries of the Russian Federation, the State Duma and other government.


As part of the conference program, visits were planned to the production facilities of various companies in St. Petersburg, during which the guests were able to get acquainted with practical cases in the development of modern Russian technologies and the production of import-substituting equipment. One of these visits was to the production site of Electronmash JSC. During the tour, the conference participants were able to see live a modern, highly efficient production of electrical equipment (LVS, MVS, (B/M)PS) in the voltage class of 0.4-110 (220) kV, used at facilities of the energy industry and fully satisfying the Import Substitution policy. The guests saw the latest achievements of the company in the field of automation and power supply of facilities in all industries, and also visited the digital logistics space (the result of joint work with colleagues from iSourse), equipped with robotic technology that works without human, an implemented WMS system and high-tech elevator warehouses.


JSC "Electronmash" is a reliable partner of the National Oil and Gas Forum and thanks the organizers for the next participation in the 5th annual conference "Technological development and import substitution in the fuel and energy complex" as an innovative technological platform for discussing important issues in terms of import substitution and technological sovereignty and demonstration of modern Russian-made intelligent electrical equipment.


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