Partnership Agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries Signed

27 January 2012

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In December, 2011, Hyundai Heavy Industries representatives visited a factory of Electronmash JSC. The meeting turned out to be a booster to sign a cooperation agreement covering low and medium voltage equipment segment. The process management system, quality and production rates, provided by Electronmash, were recognized by our collegues from Huyndai to be the world class manufacturing level.

Signing of the agreement between Electronmash and Hyundai Heavy Industries is a considered decision made by both sides. The common vision of development of the global smart electrical equipment and commitment to advance in the direction of Smart Grids – Smart Power Industry – Smart Economy have become the foundation of cooperation between the companies.

Electronmash is considering the agreement as the next step further to expand cooperation with the global leaders on electrical equipment market. Having arranged an agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries, Electronmash JSC is getting a partner with forty years of experience behind. During this period the company has implemented variety of global projects all over the world.

Hyundai Heavy Industries is a new-comer on Russian electrical market, but for a short period of time the company managed to seize stronger positions in Russia:

A number of large, strategic projects have been implemented in Russia in HV equipment segment
Construction of an HV power equipment factory in Primorskiy region has been launched
In cooperation with OJSC FSK-EES (Russian Federal Network Company) business, scientific and technological activities are being managed
Aside of high quality, solutions offered by the Korean company in electric power industry are truly safe and up-to-date with the cutting-edge technologies and R&D activities involved. The experience, gained by the Korean partner in high voltage segment, may serve as a starting point for Electronmash to manage this direction.

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