High Assessment Granted by OOO "BSH Home Appliences"

23 August 2012

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Electronmash has been many times granted appreciations from major partner-companies for excellent product quality. This time an appreciation letter was received from BSH concern, which is engaged in manufacture, sale, and service maintenance of home appliances all over the world. Our company has engineered and delivered switchgear 6 kV, 2 modular integrated transformer substations rated for 1250, 10/0.4 kV, and has also managed works on creating and ASKUE (commercial energy management system) and ASTUE (energy monitoring system) systems. We have also carried out installation and commissioning. It was confirmed by BSH that the equipment, delivered by our company, features extent operability and maintainability and is manufactured in compliance with high quality standards and with the most advanced trends in power supply industry. Due to high quality and the shortest terms of accomplishment of the whole work package BSH Home Appliances highly appreciated the work done by Electronmash and also showed commitment to further cooperation.

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