T3R Transformers have been tested for seismic resistance up to 9 points on MSK64 scale.

29 April 2013

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As part of attestation and certification of the T3R cast resin dry power transformers in various national network organizations, Electronmash CJSC together with GBE SpA specialists tested the T3R cast resin dry power transformers for earthquake resistance up to 9 points on MSK64 scale. Earlier, 250 KVA 10/0, 4 kV samples have been tested in the similar way, and now TS3R36 cast resin dry high-power transformer of 2000 kVA, 35 kV voltage class, with 40.5 kV insulation class has been chosen as a test sample.

This high power transformer was chosen not by accident but with due regard to the severe operating conditions in the Russian companies. Electronmash CJSC carries out, and this is due to the quality policy, in contrast to most of the companies, tests using the full-scale tests rather than a mathematical model method. Electronmash as a supplier prefers to know with absolute certainty what it offers to the customer and is solely responsible for the equipment supplied.

The tests were conducted on the test stand in the independent expert center «CESI» (Milan, Italy). To our knowledge: such famous company in the electrical engineering world as ABB tests its equipment in this large test center. The tests were carried out in full accordance with GOST 17516.1, according to which they lasted 60 seconds.

By testing for resistance to the effect of external mechanical factors Electronmash took another positive step to introduce T3R cast resin dry power transformers to the Russian market. This type of equipment, as well as the entire line of products offered by Electronmash will become a symbol of reliable power supply for customers implementing their projects in the areas of high seismic activity.

For more information about T3R cast resin dry power transformers, contact CJSC Electronmash Sales Department.

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