New Version of ELTEMA Switchgear

11 February 2013

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On development stage the new switchgear was named as ELTIMA LIGHT. The name is not casual. Light has two basic meanings. First, it stands for an adjective that means “little weight”. This is what the new switchgear is up to – smaller dimensions and lower weight, as well as lower value of the rated current of main circuits. Secondly, it stands for a noun that means illumination. Our houses and streets are illuminated by means of local light grids. This is the very industry, where ELTIMA LIGHT switchgears will surely be widely used thanks to their compact design. This is based on high prices and lack of constriction areas across these grids.

ELTIMA LIGHT switchgears - Specifications

Parameter value
Rated current of main circuit (A)
  From 630 to 1600 
Nominal tripping current (kA)
  From 20 to 31,5
Type of main circuit breaker
Type of load disconnect switch
Type of relay protection components
Dimensions without busbars (mm
- Width
- Depth
- Height
        75 1100 2100 - 2300

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