Dry-type Transformers T3R for the Capital and Regions

29 January 2013

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Reviewing the 2012 year results, Electronmash is facing the future with confidence due to the fact that implementation of dry-type transformers across various regions of the Russian Federation has increased by 31% in 2012. This has been greatly enabled by the projects, accomplished in Moscow city, Moscow region, Yekaterinburg, and Tumen.

The most important projects, implemented in 2012 in these regions, are the following:

At the beginning of 2012 the modular integrated transformer substations including the flagship LV switchgear ASSOL and dry-type transformers T3R series were delivered to OOO Gazpromneft-Khantos’s objects. Two transformer MITS 2x2500 kVA, 10/0.4 kV, were delivered and installed on the gas-compressor station of Priobskoye deposit of Yuzhno-Priobskiy gas processing plant.

Within the scope of expanding manufacture capacity, modular integrated transformer substations, equipped with dry-type transformers T3R series rated for 630 and 1600 kVA with protection class IP31 and forced ventilation were mounted on Moskovskiy oil-refining plant (OJSC Gazpromneft).

The regional partners in Ural, OOO Energoural and OOO Elektro-sfera, and also our partner ZAO Iskra-Energetika have greatly contributed to promotion of the dry-type transformers T3R. With assistance of our representatives and partners the transformers TS3R07.1000 kVA 6/0.4 kV, IP21 with busbar output terminals were delivered to Ural region, and also transformers TS3R12.2500 kVA 10/0.4 kV were installed in GTU-TEC (TPP), located in Znamensk.

Presently, in cooperation with our representatives, OOO Elektro-sfera, a large project is being implemented which includes delivery of two dry-type transformers TS3R07. 4000 kVA, 6/0.4 kV, IP00, intended for retrofitting transformer substation on Kamensk-Uralskiy metallurgy plant. This project draws extent interest in terms of managing unconventional dimensions within the existing room of the substation.

Currently in Moscow and Moscow region a number of large projects for 20 kV voltage class are being managed.

In a cooperative manner we have completed projects with the total power capacity of 200 MVA in Moscow, Moscow region, and Ural region in 2012.

Undoubtedly, high quality of the delivered equipment substantially makes for promoting dry-type transformers T3R series in the capital of the Russian Federation. This has been many times confirmed by using the equipment within projects for Moskovskiy and Omskiy oil-processing plants (OJSC Gazpromneft’s objects) and for a number of the leading companies across different industries.

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