Leader in the manufacture of high, medium and low voltage power equipment; products and technologies for automation. ABB technology enables industrial and energy companies to increase their productivity while reducing their environmental impact.


AuCom Electronics Limited has been specializing in the design and manufacture of electronic soft starters for three-phase electric motors since 1978. AuCom is an expert in this field and, thanks to the high quality, the company's products are in demand all over the world. The company's specialization and dedication exclusively to soft start technology guarantees fast response to changing market requirements, while centralized development and mass production means low cost.

Schneider Electric

Powerful multinational company, world leader in the field of power distribution and industrial automation.


An international company engaged in the production of low-voltage modular systems for metal structures, as well as multi-purpose cabinets and boxes of various designs.

Siemens Building Technologies

Development of unique solutions that represent a new word in the technical equipment of buildings and structures. The main areas of activity are the creation of complex systems and automation systems. Siemens today practically all equipment and systems for the highest possible comfort and safety. Siemens equipment enables a “fully integrated automated system strategy” to be implemented, for any application and in any field.

KPB Intra

Manufacture and sale of current transformers and voltage transformers. These devices are designed to measure and protect high voltage switchgears of internal and external design, namely for the maximum voltage of the complex 3.6 - 40.5 kV. The control and testing department provides a piece-by-piece test of all transformers manufactured at the enterprise. Each transformer has a “Certificate of Quality and Completeness of the Product”.

GBE S.p.A.

Leading Italian company specializing in the production of dry-type transformers and cast resin reactors from 100 kVA to 30,000 kVA (voltage class up to 35 kV).


Design and production of pre-fabricated and block-modular buildings of a full factory degree of readiness according to individual sizes.