LS Electric

The world leader in the field of power supply, automation and green technologies, existing since 1974. The equipment is manufactured at 9 factories in Korea and abroad.The company has its own testing center for electrical equipment — PT&T, which provides full certification of its products. All products sold are certified in accordance with many international standards and the GOST system of Russia.

Nevsky Transformer Plant "Volkhov" (NTPV)

The production of measuring transformers in Veliky Novgorod since 2012 and the territory of the plant is 50,000 sq.m. The plant uses the latest equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of filling equipment HÜBERS (Germany) and HEDRICH (Germany), developed according to its own technical specifications, ensures strict control of the quality control both during the input acceptance of components and during the production of transformers at each stage of assembly and implements modern IT programs to be able to track the status of the order at each stage of production.

System Electric

System Electric manufactures and sells equipment, solutions and software under its own brands (Systeme Electric, Mechanotronics, DEKraft) and continues to provide service support to the installed base of Schneider Electric as an authorized service provider. The company's products comply with international quality standards.


An international company engaged in the production of low-voltage modular systems for metal structures, as well as multi-purpose cabinets and boxes of various designs.

Hyundai Electric

Since 1977, Hyundai Electric has been a reliable partner for its Customers on their way to growth in the field of electrical equipment. Hyundai Electric is not just a supplier of electrical components, but also digital intelligent solutions.

KPB Intra

Manufacture and sale of current transformers and voltage transformers. These devices are designed to measure and protect high voltage switchgears of internal and external design, namely for the maximum voltage of the complex 3.6 - 40.5 kV. The control and testing department provides a piece-by-piece test of all transformers manufactured at the enterprise. Each transformer has a “Certificate of Quality and Completeness of the Product”.


The dry transformer plant produces power, converter and special dry-type transformers, using European and Russian experience in design work, which makes it possible to produce transformers of European quality at prices of Russian manufacturers, with full compliance with the import substitution program.


Design and production of pre-fabricated and block-modular buildings of a full factory degree of readiness according to individual sizes.